Stomach Cancer

Stomach Cancer

Stomach Cancer


Stomach cancer is frequent in the world today. There has been over 3 million cases in 2015. However, there remains hope in treating this type of cancer without affecting a person's mental and physical state of being.


The most common factors that contribute to stomach cancer development encompass diet and lifestyle. Some risk factors include processed foods, foods with a high sodium content, red meats, and so forth. The science community has proposed smoking as a contributor in the development of stomach cancer. Other risk factors include genetics and having an existing infection with the Helicobacter pylori bacteria. Obesity as well is listed as one of the risk factors for developing stomach cancer.


The most common symptoms associated with stomach cancer include nausea, feeling bloated, loss of appetite, indigestion, etc. If the person is vomiting blood or has blood in their stool, experiencing intense stomach pain, having yellow skin and/or eyes, enduring unexplainable weight loss, then this indicates another stage of gastric cancer which requires the patient


Certain herbs, teas, and fruits which are naturally occurring in nature possess properties that are unique in preventing chemotherapy. They help by reducing the negative impact that chemotherapy often has on cells. Chinese herbs along with a diet rich in vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids are encouraged to create an environment in the body where cancer cannot grow. Additionally, the stress level, physical activity, and sleep schedule of a patient are all necessary factors to take into consideration to keep the immune system in tip top shape. Doing this has the ability to hinder the development of cancer.


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