Spinal Cancer

Spinal Cancer

Spinal Cancer


Spinal Cancer develops when abnormal cells growth at a very rapid rate in the spinal cord or the bones, tissues, fluid or nerves that make it up and therefore forms what is known as a tumor. This disease is rare than some of the other cancers. However, it affects about 24,000 Americans every year. Common symptoms include pain, muscle weakness, difficulty walking, and sometimes, paralysis. Diagnosing this type of cancer is an intricate process and requires angiography procedures and/or nuclear bone scans. Sometimes, a lumbar puncture may be needed depending on the specific patient's case.


Some risk factors include exposure to high levels of electromagnetic radiation, especially if this occurred during childhood, having a prior history of cancer, hereditary disorders such as Von Hippel-Lindau disease and Neurofibromatosis (NF2), and so forth. Patients having a compromised immune system are also susceptible to spinal cancer.


Preventing spinal cancer is somewhat challenging as it may be a result of random gene mutations which cannot always be predicted. However, it is advised to avoid radiation therapies unless it is the only method of treatment that is absolutely necessary to sustain life.


Here at Advanced Healthcare, we use acupuncture to treat the pain. By regulating the flow of energy, certain neurochemicals are released, thus stimulating the healing process of the body. Also, we focus on mind-body wellness so aromatherapy using essential oils combined with music therapy and meditation may be among the suggestions by our team.


Are you looking for a better way to treat and deal with the mental and physical effects of Spinal cancer? If yes, give us a call today and let one of our team members assist you. Please do not hesitate to call our office at (954) 987-6988 and schedule a consultation as soon as possible.

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