Sarcoma is a type of cancer that is derived from mesenchymal cells which mutated. It is rather difficult to detect sarcoma in its beginning stages. There are usually no signs and the patient may appear to be just fine. It is usually categorized by having pain or numbness and can even show up on an x-ray procedure.


Sarcoma is a type of cancer which doesn't discriminate and can affect people of all ages. However, children have a higher risk of developing bone sarcomas. Because it is more prevalent in children, it becomes increasingly difficult to say what exactly triggers it. If we can't understand what triggers it, then it becomes challenging to identify ways to avoid it.

It is theorized that sarcoma can stem from genetics or heredity but some have come to believe of late that it could in fact be triggered by the toxins from our environment or foods that we consume. Consuming foods that are genetically modified or high in sugar create a type of bodily environment for sarcoma to thrive in. Additionally, additives, monosodium glutamate, and aspartame are also in the same category of things that can create a friendly environment for this type of cancer to multiply in. The best recommended course of action is to choose organic foods as much as possible to eliminate preservatives and other chemicals. It may be more costly but think of the long term benefits which include saving on the costs of conventional treatment methods that are harsh on the body.

Some household items including cosmetics, dish and laundry detergents, and plastics can contain carcinogens which play a role in developing cancer and so therefore, it is imperative to be mindful of these and keep them out of the household.


Having a diet that strictly incorporates organic plant-based foods and avoids added sugars is the first step to fighting sarcoma. Some people may prefer to do juicing as liquids are easier on their digestive system. There are several who resort to different kinds of enemas to detoxify the body which contributes to fighting cancer and increasing the overall wellness of the patient.


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