Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer


As one of the more common types, prostate cancer is one of the most publicly discussed types of cancer today. Statistics show that 1 out of 9 males in the United States are diagnosed with prostate cancer sometime during their lifespan. We utilize a wide range of alternative prostate cancer treatments that work in combination with nautropathic methods.


The first change you should take is related to your lifestyle choices. A proper diet, along with a good exercise regimen is important to give your body a boost to fight the disease. If you have cancer, it is not advisable to lose a lot of weight as this can weaken the immune system and cause the cancer to grow even more. Avoiding household products containing BPA and other chemicals is advised since it has been shown to increase the risk of developing prostate cancer and is found in many things we use everyday. Yoga, meditation, and any other stress relieving activity that is not harmful to the body is strongly recommended. Meditation is also useful as it causes a person to shift their awareness away from the problem and towards a solution instead.


The alternative approach to healing is becoming popular lately. A more natural method of prostate cancer treatment is effective when used in conjunction with other treatments. Working in combination with complimentary cancer treatments, it increases the effectiveness of treatment. Although it is not recommended to treat the disease by itself, the homeopathic approach has been effective in reducing the growth of tumors and limiting the spread of disease within the body.


Just like any other disease, prostate cancer has plenty of natural enemies which limit its growth. These include cayenne peppers or chili peppers as it contains capsaicin, a powerful compound that stops the growth. Additionally, cruciferous vegetables such as kale, broccoli, brussel sprouts, and so forth contain the phytochemical DIM.This inhibits an enzyme that is responsible for multiplying the growth of cancer cells. Ginger, pomegranate, resveratrol (found in red grapes and wine), curcumin, green tea, and shiitake mushrooms contain anti-cancer properties.

Aside from eating right, it is important to incorporate other natural therapies which may include aromatherapy, music therapy, laughing yoga and any other activity that will contribute to your mental and spiritual balance to help you have a good mindset.


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