This type of cancer can occur in the intestines, eyes, and even mouth. It is fairly easy to recognize and it is recommended that the disease be treated in its early stages as opposed to waiting for it to worsen.


Symptoms of melanoma include mole formations that may alter in size. Sometimes, the patterns and colors may not be regular along with a deep itching sensation. If a person notices a mole changing in color, appearance, and size over time, it is highly recommended to folow-up with a doctor and inquire what is going on.


The most frequent cause of melanoma is being exposed to UV rays emitted by the sun, heating lamps and tanning beds at salons. These UV rays can cause mutations in the DNA of human cells. When cell production genes become affected, this negatively influences the cell environment and becomes a breeding ground for cancer. Some people with fair skin or those who have a family history with melanoma are more prone to developing this form of cancer. With that said, the two main factors that cause melanoma include exposure to UV rays along with a person's genetics.


To begin with, decreasing exposure to Ultraviolet Radiation is imperative in preventing melanoma. This would entail a person refraining from going to tanning salons and avoid spending prolong amounts of time in the sun. Wearing protective clothing such as hats and applying sun tan lotion can minimize the chances of developing melanoma. Additionally, taking proper care of the immune system is recommended by exercising regularly, eating a balanced diet, and minimizing the intake of processed foods. One can enhance their diet with foods high in antioxidants including garlic, citrus fruits, cabbage, green tea, kale, and so on.


Alternative treatment for melanoma includes altering a patient's diet to one that includes lots of blackberries, vegetables, teas, medicinal herbs, peanuts, grapes, and so forth. These particular foods have been shown to inhibit the overproduction of melanin, which leads to melanoma.


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