Colon Cancer

Colon Cancer

Colon Cancer


Colon cancer is among the frequent diagnoses in the world. Every year, there are hundreds of thousands of new cases.

The best thing that a person can do is to be mindful of their health in order to prevent colon cancer. Having an early screening to detect cancer in its early stages is highly recommended. If the cancer is caught early, treatment for colon cancer will be simplified.


A proper diet and periodic screening are the keys to colon cancer prevention. The right diet can also help a patient fight the disease.

Age, genetics, poor diet, intake of alcohol, excess weight, bowel disease, colon polyps, and diabetes are all risk factors for developing colon cancer. Persons over 50 are more prone to being diagnosed with colon cancer. African Americans and Eastern Europeans who have mutations in their genes are susceptible to developing colon cancer. Having a diet full of processed foods and small amounts of fiber can lead to colon cancer. Heavy drinking, being overweight, and having diabetes can also lead to colon cancer. Additionally, bowel-related diseases lasting more than three months may lead to colon cancer. Having polyps in the colon increases the chances of developing colon cancer as well as having a family history of colon cancer.


Early stages of colon cancer are usually treated by the method of surgical procedures. Other stages may involve the use of chemotherapy and radiation. It is important to keep in mind that these forms of therapy can be toxic to the body. It may negatively impact the immune system and reduce the natural healing power of the body.

Having a proper routine in the mind-body wellness discipline can improve a patient's mental health if they have colon cancer. Activities such as yoga, meditation, art, and other creative outlets not limited to singing, dancing, sketching, gardening can decrease stress, thus contributing to the overall wellbeing of a patient during a time when they are struggling.


TCM or Traditional Chinese Traditional Medicine involves the use of herbs along with physical therapies and proper nutrition to improve the wellbeing of a patient. The doctor will provide suggestions based on the individual patient's needs and this can include dietary changes along with the addition of herbs and vitamins.

Another type of herbal treatment involves Ayurvedic medicine. In Ayurvedic medicine, the focus is to improve the function of the immune system and destroy cancer cells meanwhile. Green tea, garlic, and roots such as ginger and turmeric are all recommended in the treatment of colon cancer.


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