Kidneys and Urinary Tract:

Kidneys and Urinary Tract:

Kidneys and Urinary Tract:

Posted on September 14th, 2023

The kidneys and urinary tract form a complex system whose primary function is removal of excess fluid and waste material from the blood. In addition, the kidneys function as glands by producing hormones that are important in the production of red blood cells, in the regulation of blood pressure, and in the formation of bone.

A good indication of whether the kidneys are functioning properly is obtained by a urinalysis, a simple test that is often performed during routine physical examinations. The urinalysis is the first step in determining the presence of kidney or related disease and in separating major problems from minor ones.

Kidney Stones:

Kidney stones are 60% less common in people who follow vegetarian diets. A high-fiber, high-fluid, low-protein diet is the best preventive medicine. Diets high in animal protein encourage stone formation.

Kidney stones are usually made of calcium and oxalic acid.
For this type of stone, limit foods that contain oxalic acid and large amounts of salt (sodium can stimulate calcium excretion). Stones that are made of uric acid and other minerals are less common.

Eliminating shellfish can help prevent uric acid stones. Consult your health-care practitioner to determine which type of stone you have and what the possible causes are.

How to help yourself:


• Water intake (drink at least two large glasses of water four times a day between meals) to flush out stones and prevent bacterial buildup
• Alkaline-forming foods (oranges, lemons, allvegetables) for uric acid stones

• Animal protein in meat and dairy products

• Salt and high-sodium foods (bacon, processed foods)
• Sugar
• High-oxalate foods (leafy greens, rhubarb, coffee, tea, chocolate, grapefruits, parsley, peanuts, strawberries, tomatoes) for oxalic acidstones
• Seafood for uric acid stones
• Alcohol
• Refined flour

Acupuncture technique is one of the traditional Chinese medicine methods and has been used in a variety of diseases. Nowadays, the clinical application of acupuncture techniques for patients with kidney problems has become the focus for its effectiveness and security. In patients with kidney problems, acupuncture improves renal function, reduces proteinuria, controls hypertension, corrects anemia, relieves pain, and controls many hemodialysis-related complications such as uremic pruritus, insomnia and fatigue. The mechanisms are related to the regulation of sympathetic nerves and the activation of bioactive chemicals. In conclusion, acupuncture is proved to be beneficial for patients with kidney problems.

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