Best Acupuncture & Alternative Healthcare Clinic in Hollywood

Best Acupuncture & Alternative Healthcare Clinic in Hollywood

Our team of experienced acupuncturists and healthcare professionals has been in the field for over 24 years, treating patients with a wide range of symptoms and conditions. We offer holistic treatment plans customized to each individual’s physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional needs, and our commitment to our clients is to provide them with excellent healthcare, utilizing natural methods of healing as well as modern technology, in order to optimize their wellbeing. All of our service staff have both a TCM background and experience in healthcare practices.

Our team has wide experience working with patients with many types of pain, conditions, and diseases, including cancer, Parkinson’s, and many other chronic diseases. We work in the healing arts, spirituality, meditation, spiritual counseling, and many other non-human health-related services, offering a safe heaven for our clients to relax and heal.

Our healing services include: 

- Acupuncture

- Biofeedback 

- Spinal Problems & Back pain

- PEMF (Pulse Electromagnetic Field Therapy)

- Energy Therapy 

- 3-Way Detox Therapy 

- Chinese Cupping 

- Immunotherapy 

- CRA (Concentrate Reflex Analysis) Treatment 

- Infrared Therapy

At Advanced Acupuncture, our mission is to provide our clients with the quality healthcare they deserve. We want our clients to experience a new lifestyle of vitality and wellness. 

If you are looking for alternative care, we offer an ideal healing environment and strive to heal our clients in a safe and healthy environment. We invite you to experience the results of our dedication and selfless commitment.

To book your appointment today, please contact us at (954) 879-6988. Our well-trained staff, with a complete background and experience in healthcare practice, will assist you in reaching optimum health and wellbeing.

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